At seventeen Finn has accomplished more than a lot of recording artists do their whole lives. He independently moved to LA, found a mentor in R&B songwriter and artist, Elijah Blake who penned hits such as Usher’s “Climax” and Rihanna’s “No Love Allowed” and began working right away on original music, the first of which will be released in February. Finn’s career as an artist started when he was 9 years old and happened to accompany his father to a meeting he was having with Blake. As Blake finished up with a recording artist, Finn sang along in the background as he vibed to the music being created. At the end of his session Blake turned to Finn’s father and told him his son was next. Finn’s music will make waves in the pop sphere with unheard-of blends of soul.

"Every generation has their own superstar that acts as a time stamp for young love and youthful memories in song form,” says Blake of his protege Finn. “I truly feel that Finn possesses the kind of star power to be ‘it’ for the new phase in music culture that's happening now.”

Finn already has a handful of accolades under his belt. He’s the first unsigned artist to strike a major development deal with Live Nation, who are providing full marketing, digital and database support. He also is one of twenty artists to work with Amazon on their exclusive Valentine’s Day Original playlist.

“I have always loved music because it allows me to express myself,” says Matthews. “I can’t wait to share my voice with the world.”